A Chronic Care
Management company

If you or a loved one has an ongoing chronic condition expected to last 12 or more months then you are likely in need of Chronic Care Management services (CCM).

At Healthcare Connect we believe in upholding the highest standards of Chronic and Transitional Care Management through education, support, and communication.

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What is Chronic Care Management?

The Care management program at Health Care Connect works alongside your provider to establish a comprehensive plan of care that includes an outline of health problems, general health information, medications, healthcare providers, community services that are or will be used, and goals.

Our Chronic Care Programs strive to uplift your voice in your support care through a patient centered and community-based  approach.


Our Services

Chronic Care Management

CCM specifies how a patient’s care will be managed and coordinated with their healthcare providers and care-givers as well as supporting self-management and decision-making.

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Transitional Care Management

TCM includes a broad scope of temporary services to support patients post-discharge in order to prevent/detect medical errors and reduce the need for readmission.

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Why HealthCare Connect?

It’s often difficult to make medical decisions for yourself or a loved one during a time of crisis, getting a new diagnoses, or when transitioning from one healthcare setting to another.

At Health Care Connect we empower patients and caregivers through education, communication and care. Our Care Programs can provide you with:

  • A Personalized Care Plan
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Non face-to-face Chronic Care Management

Our Benefits

Doctor office visits

medical costs

Reduced Emergency Room visits

Reduced risk of additional chronic conditions or complications

Inclusive and comprehensive preventative care

Lab testing & routine screenings stay on track

Scheduled specialist & follow-up visits

Medication management for safe & consistent care